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Betting Robots - Transactional Betting TechnologyWould you like to place bets from your mobile? Would you like to keep unmatched bets alive when an event goes in-play? Do you want to cancel unmatched bets at a time you specify? These are just a couple of options from a range of solutions outlined in the Bettingrobots directory. You can buy off-the-shelf products or have bespoke applications built according to your needs by third-party Software Vendors, locate historical data, results and services; you should be able to find what you need here.


Bet Angel (StakeTrade Recomended)

Bet Angel is a stunning new series of cutting edge, multi functional, multi market, betting exchange tools. Designed by leading expert exchange users, it will significantly improve your exchange trading and betting capability whatever sports market you operate on and whatever your style. Keyword searches associated with Bet Angel include: BetAngel, Bet Angel Basic, Bet Angel Proffesional, football pools, exchange gambling, probability, investment, trading, betting, exchange trading, betfair, betdaq.

Bet AngelUse Bet Angel to create your own automated trading tools

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Betlag software allows you to manage at best your back and lay bets. Tthrough BetLab you select the market in your interest, choose the elements and place your back/lay bets. The bets placement can be either direct or under software’s supervision by means of special strategies. In any way the updated profit/loss values on the selected events are always available. Keyword searches associated with Betlag include: betlag software, betlab, back/lay, betfair software, manage back/lay bets, bet lag


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BetTrader PRO



BetTrader PRO was designed and developed by Adam Todd of RacingTraders, a full-time Betfair trader since November 2002. Adam makes his living trading the favourites’ odds on Betfair's UK horseracing markets in the final minutes before the race starts. Keyword searches associated with BetTraderPro include: Betfair bet trade pro, racingtraders, racing traders, betfair trader.


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RETA is an extremely stable piece of software that has advanced security features. More importantly, RETA grabs the raw Betfair data (odds and liquidity) and can execute unbelievably quick trades because it is plugged in directly to Betfair’s servers. In the latest version of RETA they have incorporated the following: WOM indicator this tells you the likely short-term market direction and prompts you about what you need to do to create a profit margin. Hedge button If you’ve built up a profit position on a single horse, team or player, you can then hit the Hedge button to equally divide your profit across all the runners in one click and a Stop Loss function. Keyword searches associated with RETA include: Betfair Software, Betfair Trading Software, Betting Exchange Software, RETA - Rapid Exchange Trading Application.


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Sports Trading Workstation

The Sports Trading Workstation™ (STW™) is an enhanced alternative interface to the major Betting Exchanges offering live streaming updates, one-click trading, simultaneous displays of multiple markets and much more. Why use the Sports Trading Workstation? • For more informed price trading with a full technical trading suite • Minimise risk with the Absolute & Trailing Stops Facility • Improve In-Play trading with enhanced In-Play displays • Create an edge using a full suite of backing and laying tools • Trade across multiple markets using the unique Trading Pit • Save time with Auto-Resubmission of Cancelled/Deferred Orders. Keyword searches associated with STW include: STW betting exchange software, exchange, Betfair sports trading, horse racing, football betting, online betting, fixed odds, betting odds, sports, sports arbitrage, arbs, lay betting, betting system, sportstradingworkstation

Sports Trader Workstation

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The sole purpose of the WORMM is to enable you to run single or multiple strategies that remain invisible to other Betfair users. Your strategies can be single or dual order... and you can use stop losses for extra insurance. The WORMM lets you set-up strategies by entering parameters (stakes, odds, back or lay, start and end times, in-play or not, stop loss, arbitrage) – and the best bit is . . . you can leave them running when you’re away from your computer. Keyword searches associated with WORMM include: WORMM, Worked Order Money Manager, WinningSoftware, Betfair Invisible Trades, Winning Software.


WORMM "


Online betting exchange trading made easy. Designed for beginners and experts alike, ExPorts 'advanced tools made simple' include market swing prediction and one-click trading functions to 'lock in' guaranteed profits or minimise any potential loss.

Including the largest live-odds dutching calculator available, ExPort allows you to select individual profit targets, provides a 'green light' when conditions are ideal and gives you the 'edge' in whatever markets you prefer. Keyword searches associated with Export include: Betting exchange trading, horse racing system, online betting, trading software, betfair exchange trading software, dutching calculator, free software, free betting software

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