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Betting Robots - Transactional Betting TechnologyWould you like to place bets from your mobile? Would you like to keep unmatched bets alive when an event goes in-play? Do you want to cancel unmatched bets at a time you specify? These are just a couple of options from a range of solutions outlined in the Bettingrobots directory. You can buy off-the-shelf products or have bespoke applications built according to your needs by third-party Software Vendors, locate historical data, results and services; you should be able to find what you need here.



The Zero-Risk Sportsbook Solution BetAssure is an exciting new product that provides the opportunity to operate a Sports betting business without facing the financial risks of a traditional Sportsbook. By enabling an Operator to offer competitive odds at zero trading risk, BetAssure helps organisations with limited Sports betting experience to enter the market with relatively low start-up costs. Keyword searches associated with Betassure, Turnkey Sportsbook, BetAssure, Bet, Assure, Betting, Sportsbook, Solution, Non-Risk, No Risk.


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Betcorp White Label Gambling Solutions. The White Label Program offers the opportunity for companies to operate their own gambling site using the Betcorp turnkey model. Companies who choose this solution will be responsible for managing their brand development, marketing and player acquisition with the capability to outsource all other aspects of operations to a trusted partner. Keyword searches associated with Betcorp include:, Turnkey Sportsbook, sports book, sports betting, racing, private label, marketing partner, casino, poker, online, gaming, gambling, software, solutions, supplier, provider, turnkey, white label, licensing.

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Betgate is a versatile Sportsbook solution that provides a total turnkey solution, in module components, to enable you to leverage an exciting and efficient Sportsbook off the world's number one betting exchange. It is a licensed product which gives an operator fully functional Sportsbook ready to do business. Keyword searches associated with Betgate include: Bet gate, Turnkey Sportbook, Turnkey Exchange.


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Betshield is an online business system that provides a turnkey solution for bookmakers to run a risk-free, margin-based sportsbook website. Betshield is an intelligent middleware that utilizes the Betfair betting exchange market to obtain real-time odds and lay off bets. Bookmakers can then offer odds to customers with a guaranteed profit by leveraging Betfair’s market liquidity. Betshield can also channel bets to either the Betfair exchange or other existing book-balancing resources according to logic specified by the bookmaker. The implementation and maintenance costs of operating Betshield are low. The system is also highly customizable to fit specific requirements from individual bookmakers. Keyword searches associated with Betshield include: Turnkey exchange, Turnkey betting exchange, Exchange software, middleware, Bet Shield, Fireswirl technologies.


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Rapid Sportsbook

Rapid Mobile provides innovative sports, betting and business solutions. products and solutions are designed from the users perspective to make them attractive, highly functional, secure and easy to use. Rapid Mobile have a very thorough software engineering approach encompassing the full cycle from concept, design, prototyping, development, testing, deployment, support and maintenence. Rapid Mobile products and solutions can be deployed via multiple channels and technology platforms as well as in any language and currency. Rapid Mobile supply consumer products, white label solutions and custom build services.

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Note: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the products displayed on our web site and their potential to minimise risk. Even though the sports betting industry provides enormous rewards in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using the products, ideas and techniques.