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Betting Robots - Transactional Betting TechnologyWould you like to place bets from your mobile? Would you like to keep unmatched bets alive when an event goes in-play? Do you want to cancel unmatched bets at a time you specify? These are just a couple of options from a range of solutions outlined in the Bettingrobots directory. You can buy off-the-shelf products or have bespoke applications built according to your needs by third-party Software Vendors, locate historical data, results and services; you should be able to find what you need here.


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The Find-A-Developer portal is perfect for those Betfair users who want to have a customised application built for them by a licensed Software Vendor. Find-A-Developer allows Buyers and Providers of Betfair API services to register themselves, negotiate for a project and close the deal. The portal offers all the functionality necessary to facilitate a relationship between a Buyer and a Seller to get a bespoke project completed, including the ability to post and bid for a project, post messages to one another and rate a Provider's work upon completion. Keyword searches associated with Find A Developer include: Betfair API Developer, Betfair API solutions, projects, Bespoke Betfair software.

Find A Developer

Find A Developer "


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